Cleanups, Calorie Counts and Campaigns
June 2nd, 2008

Elsewhere in the blogosphere today …

Miss Heather has some sharp words about Exxon’s recent Greenpoint Courier insert, which addresses the still-stalled spill cleanup effort there.

Gothamist commenters are nonplussed that many city restaurants have chosen to ignore new rules requiring that they post calorie information on menu boards, but one reader makes the rather salient point that “obesity and heart disease kill more New Yorkers than crane accidents.” Anecdotally at least, it sounds like the calorie count information does lead to changes in people’s eating habits.

Finally, Simcha Felder’s announcement that he’ll seek Kevin Parker’s state Senate seat this year has ruffled at least Parker’s feathers: Liz Benjamin reports that Felder may or may not be a Republican in Dem’s clothing. (Stay up to date on all the races with Who’s Running for What, Gotham Gazette’s up to the hour guide to candidates and their campaigns.)

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