More Setbacks for New Voting Machines
July 31st, 2008

The drama over New York’s compliance with federal voting machine rules never seems to stop.

After a protracted battle, voting machines were finally chosen across the state in February. And things were quiet on the voting machine front for a while.

Then there was the recent news that half of the machines Sequoia sent to the state were flawed. After that, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city’s Board of Elections had been using money set aside to comply with federal standards for regular budget expenses.

Now, testing of the new machines might not be finished by the time elections roll around. What now, you ask? Well, for one, some of the machines showed up for testing without hardrives or USB ports. That includes the ES&S machines that were chosen for the city.

Those “seem like pretty big oversights on the part of the manufacturers of the machines,” the Brennan Center’s blog said.

In response, some good government groups are worried this might be used as an excuse to rush along the testing process. If that happens, voting machine vendors will “continue raking in millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars while supplying bad equipment; a slap in the face for the public’s right to require accountability and quality from those who would profit off our vote,” says Bo Lipari of New Yorkers for Verified Voting on his blog.

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