NY Techie Deported from China
August 14th, 2008

Noel Hidaglo, a fixture in the local tech scene here, brought his interest in activism and technology to China for the Olympics recently. But apparently the government there isn’t a fan of that sort of thing. After filming a protest held by Students for a Free Tibet, in Tiananmen Square, he posted it online.

He was then deported.

But that wasn’t his only experience there. His posts to FaceBook detailing his status during his deportation were being mysteriously removed. He says FaceBook is investigating. During his time in China, Hidaglo witnessed a journalist from ESPN being accosted for covering a banner drop, and he himself was shooed away from taking pictures of the banner by Chinese security. He also caught on video the pick-pocketing of a CBC journalist’s passport.

In related news, Gothamist reports that the International Olympic Committee is using the copyright on its logo to get YouTube to take down protest videos that include it.

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