Run, Mike, Run
September 30th, 2008

They even chose the same headline.

This mornings editorial in the New York Post means that two of the citys three major local dailies (what was four until this morning) are backing a third term for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The News sang the same tune last week.

Both base their judgments on the economic crisis, arguing only experience can weather this Wall Street storm.

“New Yorkers deserve to select the person they feel is best qualified to pull the city through the crisis from among a full field of candidates,” the News said a week ago. “Bloomberg must be in the pack.”

In a dj vu moment, the Post echoed those remarks.

“And Mike has proven himself in tough times: He took office just months after 9/11, when the city saw a massive hemorrhage of jobs and tax revenue,” reads the Post this morning. “He brought New York City back strong from that crisis; other would-be mayors might not have done so.”

Sure the city will undoubtedly be in for rough times (the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning show our unemployment rate has increased to 5.9 percent in August compared to 5.3 percent last year). But does that mean we should overturn or extend term limits?

While both tabloids call for Bloomberg to run, they are both silent on how he should go about doing it.

A referendum to extend the limit from two to three terms? Should the City Council move on Oliver Koppells bill, avoiding the ballot box and the voters that have twice-approved — albeit more than a decade ago — an eight-year cap? (For more on how they could do it, check out our story: Third Terms The Charm.)

After the mayor met with the dailies publishers on term limits, a revelation that emerged last month, we still have yet to hear definitively from one: The Times. In June, the Gray Lady berated the concept of term limits, saying they “diminish democracy, arbitrarily deny choice, reduce accountability and squander experience.”

But it left out explicit instructions for Bloomberg , leaving him with this: “As good a mayor as Mr. Bloomberg has been, we are wary of changing the rules just to suit the ambition of a particular politician in this country or any other. Mr. Bloomberg, should he want to continue his public service, would make an excellent prospect for other important offices.”

Wary of rule changing leaves us wondering what they might say next.

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