Digital Manhattan
October 23rd, 2008

Sure, Max Page makes the case that we show our love for New York by destroying it on film. But another way to express feelings for the city is to recreate it online.

Technology company YouCity specializes in doing just that, and has a 3D map of Manhattan on its Web site as a demo that you can peruse. The company creates such maps for individual clients and can embed other programs and search tools into the maps, which can be viewed from different angles.

The Digital Urban blog, which found the maps over the summer, considers them game changing. “Such maps certainly raise the bar on what will become the norm in city mapping over the next few years,” they wrote.

A while back, we covered a similar map of Manhattan that is open to the public, called UpNext. That map can be plugged into social networking sites.

Now, before those of you in the outer boroughs start feeling left out, Elliot Hanson has created a Sim City version of New York, brownstone Brooklyn and all. He was recently crowned “the world’s most dedicated gamer” by the Guinness Book of World Records for his four year effort at this virtual recreation.

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