One Down, Two to Go
October 23rd, 2008

Members of the Gov. Ops CommitteeThe first term limits vote is in and it’s unanimous.

The City Council’s Governmental Operations Committee unanimously approved Intro 845 this morning, clearing the way for it to go to the full council this afternoon. The vote was 6 to 0, and Councilmember Larry Seabrook was absent. For a list of members, go here.

Most of the committee members had already announced how they would vote on the issue before the vote this morning, except for Inez Dickens — an influential freshman, who had been widely seen as a candidate for speaker after the 09 election. Dickens said, “After deep personal thought, I have decided to vote yes.”

Now it’s on to the full chamber.

Before the council decides on the mayor’s bill, however, three members plan to propose an amendment on the floor requiring a City Charter review commission examine term limits and then send the issue to the voters. That amendment, in effect, would undermine the intent of the mayor’s bill.David Weprin watching today\'s vote

If that amendment is approved, the council would have to hold off on voting on the entire bill until its next stated meeting. If it is rejected, they could move on the original legislation.

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One Response to “One Down, Two to Go”

  1. Thomas Says:
    October 23rd, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    A referendum will not resolve anything or provide for more public participation than we have already had. More is always better than less, but in this case, it is not worth dragging this out for months just so a few thousand people who have already made their opinions clear to their representatives and the public at large can do more of the same. It just doesn’t add enough to be worth it.

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