Cab Sharing
December 4th, 2008

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to create a fleet of hybrid taxicabs may have taken a hit by the courts, but there is another way to make cabs more efficient: get more people into one cab.

In that vein, a new company named CabEasy seeks to make cab sharing easier for New Yorkers. On their Web site, users can find other riders going in the same direction they are going, and also find out how much CO2 emissions they will save by sharing a taxi.

The company is the latest in a line to offer similar services, like Ride Amigos, Split A Cab, and Hitchsters.

New York cabs emitted 580,000 tons of CO2 in 2006, according to the city’s inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. Taxis would account for over 10 percent of the total emissions the city government is responsible for if they were included in the overall figure.

But other ideas to pile more riders into a single cab are out there, both technology and policy based.

To make ridesharing easier, a San Francisco project proposed the idea of displaying the neighborhood destination of a taxi on its rooftop sign.

Riders using a taxi stand on York Ave. in the Upper East Side can take advantage of the only group ride program in the city, which was launched in 1987. If they are traveling to Wall Street, each rider pays $3.50.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission has periodically suggested expanding this program over the years.

Most recently, in a report by the commission and the Design Trust for Public Spaces, thy called for new rideshare stands at the Yankees and Mets stadiums during game times and at various other locations in all the boroughs except the Bronx.

They also recommended a ride sharing fare structure during peak hours where riders going to nearby destinations each pay 75 percent of the fare. That way, riders get a discount, and cabbies make a higher premium.

The commission additionally called for expanding group rides as part of a series of service improvements that would accompany a fare hike they were seeking in 2004.

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One Response to “Cab Sharing”

  1. Athan Says:
    December 4th, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    This idea is interesting but fails to acknowledge several key factors. Primarily the passengers could get into an argument or even a physical confrontation over how they should split the fare. Cab drivers have to deal with “fare jumpers” all of the time. The security of riding in a taxi as opposed to public transit would me undermined. Arguably, a taxi ride could become more dangerous.
    Another key factor is that riders often use taxis because they so not want to make any extra stops. They want the quickest and most direct route.
    At the end of the day this is idealism running amock.

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