What will '09 bring?
December 22nd, 2008

Will newspaper publishers be the next to demand a bailout? Azi thinks so. Paul thinks Governor Paterson can save the MTA by taking a cue from Chicago politics and auctioning off New York’s open senate seat to the highest bidder.

They’re kidding, of course. Or are they? What is Caroline Kennedy spending to court the state’s movers and shakers?

What we know for sure is that Gotham Gazette’s annual predictions issue is back.

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One Response to “What will '09 bring?”

  1. Carmen M Colon Says:
    December 24th, 2008 at 10:42 am

    I predict and hope for:

    Peace and safety for all, first and foremost.

    That Billy Thompson becomes Mayor and sends a message to all affluent businesspeople that politics should be handled by politicians and not bored billionaires thinking they are deities.

    That more foster children get adopted and cared for!

    That the NYC Council members that voted FOR the turning over of the term limits ALL LOSE, even though I love and respect some of you, you know in your hearts it was wrong. (Anyway, you know you can find another job so don’t act as if you’ll be on the unemployment line anytime soon. Having had the position gives you a toe in the door where the rest of us can’t get in…)

    That all of the ASPCAs have a shortage of pest to give away because all of the foster and adopted kids all got a pet!

    That the Board of the MTA are all fired, removed or found guilty of other nefarious crimes.

    CRAZY IDEA: Hire a Board from retired MTA WORKERS, pay them a salary that is in this stratosphere, and have the Borough Presidents, as a group, oversee them, as well as the NYC Council.

    That the President-elect’s plans to invest in infrastructure really happens here and that our bridges and highwsys will actually look as if they will eventually get finished.

    That Mayoral Control over the schools is SUNSET! The definition of parental involvement DOES NOT simply mean fund raising for the school and homework help at home.

    That all of the truth about how our children have been fairing for seven years in Public School FINALLY comes out and proves that testing is heinous way of covering up incompetence and is ruining generations of future NYC residents and crating more unemployable people.

    That the No Child Leave Behind Law is burned in the streets and re-written to mean it and actually give a damn (and give it a backbone with funding)

    That Senior Citizens are overwhelmed with visits from loved ones who suddenly remembered where Grandma and Grandpa are living!

    That slumlords are hunted down like the rabid animals they are by Dog the Bounty Hunter. LOL (sorry, had to say it!)

    And my one prediction and hope of all hopes, (and yes this is very personal for me because I drempt of being a part of this since I was 12)that Norman Siegel, the People’s Advocate was accessible to everyone and would be able to teach everyone what they need to know and do so that they can be the best advocates they could be for themselves and their families! AND yes, the only way I see that happening would be if everyone simply voted him for the office of Public Advocate (DUH!)

    We must remember that the
    Advocate should not be affiliated with ANY political party except for the Party of the People! We should remember that our childrens’ future will be in the hands of the next Mayor and New York City Council. Who
    better for them to work alongside than the man who has spearhead the actions necessary to keep corporations and rogue politicians honest?

    No more soapbox! Happy Holidays from my family to yours. Thank you Gotham Gazette!

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