Staten Island Boro Prez Runs... Again
January 7th, 2009

<i>Borough President James Molinaro, courtesy of the BP site</i>

Borough President James Molinaro, courtesy of the BP site

This post has been updated to reflect a correction in James Pocchia’s candidacy for the 50th district at the City Council. This post incorrectly said he would drop out if Oddo decided to run for re-election. Pocchia said he is still a candidate.

Term limits strike again.

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro announced today he would be seeking re-election to a third term, pushing out Councilmember Jimmy Oddo, who would have been his likely replacement.

Molinaro would have been term limited if the City Council had not voted to extend term limits from two to three in October. Oddo, very passionately, voted against the extension.

After the City Council’s first official meeting of the year this afternoon, Oddo said he was disappointed by the news. But he pledged to throw his support behind the current borough president, calling him a mentor. Oddo said he would drop out of the race and seek re-election to his seat on the City Council.

“No one was there for me in a bigger way,” said Oddo. “It runs against my moral compass” to challenge Molinaro, he added.

At one point, even after the term limit extension, there was speculation that Molinaro would not seek his seat for a third term — some pointed to his age (he’s in his late 70s).

His announcement today — statement pending — obviously quells any question on whether the borough president was set to retire.

By and large, the political landscape for 2009 has remained far more in tact then many thought it would have after the term limit vote. As we note in our Issue of the Week this week, 50 percent of the candidates who planned on running for the council for a first term are sticking with their plans, regardless of whether they will be facing an incumbent.

But as today’s news can show, things may still change. Currently, there are three candidates declared for Oddo’s district, which includes a little portion of Brooklyn. Whether those candidates will stay in the race knowing they are facing the council’s minority leader, we will have to wait and see.

When we interviewed them last month, some 50th district candidates said they would reconsider their bids if Oddo decided to stay, including candidate Martin Krongold. Candidate, David Ceder, would not comment.

James Pocchia, another candidate, said: “I am candidate today. I was a candidate yesterday, and I will be a candidate tomorrow.”

Keep checking our election service, Who’s Running for What, for updates on how the races are changing.

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2 Responses to “Staten Island Boro Prez Runs... Again”

  1. jerry Says:
    January 7th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    I bet you Mr. Oddo, famous for his F#$% bombs, let loose a few when he heard the news.

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