City Clerk Rerun
February 26th, 2009

City Hall is embarking on its own version of “Let’s Make a Deal” over the appointment of a new city clerk, according to reports by Liz Benjamin, as party leaders from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan debate who should get the patronage post.

The position, which we looked into in depth here, comes with a $185,700 salary and is charged with overseeing City Council records, the city’s marriage bureau, and the registration of lobbyists.

The awarding of post has, at least in recent memory, been somewhat contentious for some party leaders. Seen as political patronage, leaders want the clerk to hail from their own borough and will maneuver to see that he or she is.

One year and a day ago exactly, the council had the exact same squabble. Then, the body approved the appointment of Hector Diaz of the Bronx. The Brooklyn delegation was lobbying for one of their own, Councilmember Erik Martin Dilan. When they didn’t get a Brooklyn-based appointee, the entire delegation voted against it. It still passed by a vote of 34 to 16.

This year, Council Speaker Christine Quinn is ready to recommend Queens native acting Clerk Michael McSweeney. It seemed all along, that McSweeney was quietly vying for the post.

Here is what he told us last year when asked if he wanted the position:

“My only focus is to make sure that the agency is running efficiently during the interim I’m just looking to do the best job that I can.” He declined further comment.

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