Council Gets Three More (One GOP)
March 24th, 2009

The City Council welcomed three new members today: Julissa Ferreras (D) of Queens, Eric Ulrich (R) of Queens and Kenneth Mitchell (D) of Staten Island.

Ulrich brings the council’s Republican ranks up by one more member — making it a “mighty band of three,” according to Council Minority Leader Jimmy Oddo. Oddo, with his usual comically laced bravado, warned the council’s other 48 members that they should “watch out” for the more powerful minority. He then pointed around the room (all done in jest).

Seriously, here are the new members’ committee assignments:

Ferreras: Aging, Civil Rights, General Welfare, Immigration, Waterfronts and Women’s Issues.

Mitchell: Economic Development, Health, Juvenile Justice, Oversight and Investigations and Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.

Ulrich: Environmental Protection, Higher Education, Technology in Government, Transportation and Youth Services.

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