Swipes on Term Limits at Comptroller Forum
March 26th, 2009

Who knew the city’s pension funds could be so “lively.”

Seriously — that’s according to a moderator at a Cardozo Law School Democratic comptroller debate last night.

Three of the four Democratic comptroller candidatesMelinda Katz was M.I.A. — danced around budget issues, diversifying the city’s pension investments and what city services should be saved by the budget ax (Not surprisingly, candidates harped on a perennial council issue: savings to be had at the Department of Education).

But for what has been a mild mannered race so far (I know it’s obscenely early), it turned a teensy bit nasty when the conversation turned to term limits.

Councilmember David Yassky was railed on for voting in support of a referendum on term limits, then (moments later) voting for the Bloomberg-backed extension — an attempt comptroller competitor Councilmember David Weprin said was to “make everybody happy, but really made nobody happy.”

Yassky said in response: “They were the right votes. As comptroller, just as I had in the council, I will call it the way I see it.”

Weprin took another subtle shot at Councilmember John Liu, who joined the race merely two weeks ago after being a declared candidate for public advocate for several months.

“I’ve been consistently running for comptroller not for any other office as some of my opponents have done, running for one office then switching to another office, making decisions based on wanting to serve as opposed to wanting to serve in a particular position,” said Weprin. “I really feel like I have the background and experience to really contribute.”

Liu ignored his comments and moved on to explain his position on term limits.

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One Response to “Swipes on Term Limits at Comptroller Forum”

  1. northern light Says:
    April 5th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    So where was Melinda Katz? Oh, maybe she had another money grab…I mean fund raiser, with real estate developers that night, who’s projects need her OK.

    Is she shameless or what?

    And WHAT in her background, that she’ll admit to anyway, qualifies her to manage my money, the City’s pensions? That’s our money guys. Do you want to trust your future to her?

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