Weekly Web Wrap
April 3rd, 2009

  • AIDS-Babies-as-Guinea-Pigs Story Is Finally Over — Right?
    (Village Voice)
  • A Reasonable Budget for Hard Times
    (DMI Blog)
  • New Tax Bracket a Progressive Victory
    (The Nation)
  • Cartoonist’s Take on the Budget
    (Matt Davies)
  • New Yorks Murky Budget Numbers
    (NY Fiscal Watch)
  • Transparency in the Budget and Rules Reform
  • Freshkills Park Gets a Blog
    (Highline Blog)
  • Land Use Planning and Waterfront Management
    (Regional Plan Association)
  • A Brief Overview of the Water Board
    (Water Watch NYC)
  • Why Did New York Stop Growing Basketball Stars?
    (The New Republic)
  • Paterson To Extend TV, Film Tax Credits
    (Daily Variety via NYConvergene)
  • Reversing Rockefeller
    (The American Prospect)
  • A Brief History of the Rockefeller Drug Laws
    (Time Magazine)
  • Bronx Renaissance
    (Architect’s Newspaper via Planetizen)
  • Questionable Projects Promoted for Stimulus Funding in New York
  • The Mayor’s Control of Schools Agenda
    (NY Press)
  • Despite Fare Hike and Service Cuts, MTA Budget May Soon Derail Again
    (IBO Weblog)
  • Who is Teaching Young Entrepreneurs?
    (This is Going to be Big)
  • Are The Times’ Publishers Born Stupid?
  • Pre-Obits for the Times Rampant
    (Business Week)
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