Bloomberg's New Site Focuses on Independence, Economy
April 6th, 2009

Mayor Michael Bloomberg put a new face on his campaign site today — now equipped with more graphics, video, policy positions, a social networking menu and flickr feed.

It touts his bipartisanship, including his newly snagged endorsement from the city’s Independence Party. It details his fiscal abilities, including a five-borough economic opportunity plan.

And when it comes to web 2.0, the campaign seemed to include everything — well, almost everything.

There is one 2.0 tool noticeably absent: a comment section on the new campaign blog.

OK, maybe I am being picky. After all, mayoral candidate and Comptroller William Thompson doesn’t even have a blog. The City Council’s Red Room — a blog the speaker’s office launched earlier this year with little fanfare — doesn’t have a comment section either.

But in the land of political participation and nonpartisan inclusiveness, its absence is notable.

According to Bloomberg’s campaign office, a comment section addition is not in the cards. “That’s the format we chose for the blog,” said campaign spokesperson Silvia Alvarez. “We’re not a news organization.”

The blog has only one post so far by Howard Wolfson, the mayor’s campaign communication director.

Note: the mayor has obviously abandoned his presidential run, so maybe it’s not fair to compare his site with President Barack Obama’s. But Obama was hailed for his inclusiveness and participatory approach to campaigning. Obama also allows comments on his blog, where a post this afternoon on health care was deluged with readers’ thoughts. All of those comments appear to be favorable, raising the question of how the site is moderated.

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