Check Your Bills!
April 23rd, 2009

The draft bill for the Senate’s new MTA rescue plan was released yesterday. You can check it out here. A vote will likely happen early next week–if Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith manages to scrape up the 32 votes he needs to pass the measure.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in on the plan today. He doesn’t like it and apparently neither does Richard Ravitch.

Some say the Senate has now offered two plans that were basically dead on arrival. Sen. Kevin Parker had a much more optimisic take on things yesterday.

The bill that would legalize same-sex marriage is also available online. Paterson made a major push for the legislation last week. At the time Paterson insisted that legislators should vote on the bill whether or not they were sure they had the votes to pass it. Those comments were mainly directed at Smith. Smith has insisted, since he took office, that he supports gay marriage but will not bring it to a vote until he is sure he has enough support. Paterson has toned down his push this week. He now says he will defer to Smith.

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