Monserrate Stalls, Peralta Weighs in
June 11th, 2009

They had to slog through crowds of protesters but Republicans and their two Democratic allies made it into the Senate chamber this morning with the help of Sen. Pedro Espada’s mysterious key.

But when Sen. Hiram Monserrate showed up he made it clear he was not prepared to move on legislation until more Democrats joined the proceedings. He said he would vote ‘no’ on any legislation and then he walked out. Monserrate has single-handedly delayed session for two days now.

Monserrate is being pressured by a number of interests to rejoin the Democrats. Assemblyman Jose Peralta, thought to be a potential challenger for Monserrate’s Senate seat in 2010, issued a statement condemning Monserrate for joining with Republicans.

“I am greatly disappointed with Senator Monserrates decision to join with the Republican Conference in the New York State Senate,” said Peralta in a statement. “As a Democrat in the New York State Assembly I know of the importance of having a Democratic majority in the Senate to act on the critical legislation affecting New York City. I am hopeful that Senator Monserrate will re-think his vote and re-join the Democratic Senate Majority.”

Peralta told me today that he was concerned about the fate of legislation facing New York City — legislation that includes: vacancy decontrol, mayoral control of schools, gay marriage and bullet stamping.

Espada and Monserrate have said they want to vote on gay marriage and ending vacancy decontrol.

“Look, they talk the talk , now they have to walk the walk,” said Peralta. “If that is really part of their agenda then they should act on it.”

Peralta said that the only people suffering from the current “high school election” atmosphere in the Senate are residents of New York City and New York State. “It took us 40 years to flip the Senate and now it took him 40 seconds to flip it back,” he said of Monserrate. “People are not going to forget that. He is a very progressive man but to do what he did in some circles will not be forgiven.”

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