Where's Adolfo?
July 6th, 2009

Borough presidents have notoriously little clout so it must have seemed a huge step up for the Bronx’s Adolfo Carrin Jr. when he got to leave the Grand Concourse and move to the Washington as head of the White House Office of Urban Affairs. But in his five months there, Carrin has become even more obscure than he was back in the city.

“He has yet to make any major speeches about his role, or the administrations vision of urban policy, leaving some to wonder just how much of a force Carrin will be and how big a platform he will have with the new office, writes Nia-Malika Henderson in Politico. The appointment of Carrion, who has been under a bit of an ethical cloud and who is not considered an urban policy expert, led some to wonder whether President Barack Obama was going to give urban policy as much prominence as he indicated during the campaign. And Carrin’s lack of visibility since his appointment has not exactly assuaged those concerns. “The really good feeling about the Office of Urban Affairs has cooled down, Jonathan Bowles of the Center for an Urban Future told Politico.

For his part, Carrin says his office is hard at work meeting with urban officials, holding strategy sessions and the like. “We are going out into urban America as soon as possible. You wish you could have done it yesterday, but I think its important for us to set up the right structure internally,” he said.

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