Art at City Hall Angers Avella
July 9th, 2009


Include councilmember and mayoral candidate Tony Avella in the list of City Hall goers that find the new public art installation unsightly.

The police vestibules were converted to red and white, faux brick shacks about two weeks ago as part of a public art installation. I know that at least one officer, who is charged with keeping guard at City Hall’s gate, isn’t pleased with the renovation, saying he was “embarrassed” to be in there.

But what is one person’s embarrassment, is someone else’s masterpiece.

Avella sent over this letter to the editor, in full after the jump, citing his displeasure and urging other New Yorkers to write to the mayor to tell him to take them down.

Here is the letter:

“To The Editor:

As many of your readers may know, a temporary so-called “art” exhibit was recently erected covering the facade of the two main security booths at the entrances to City Hall.

Instead of a professional police post, we now have a cartoon-like structure with painted bright red bricks.

We entrust the welfare of the visitors, staff, and elected officials who utilize City Hall to the respected New York City Police Officers who secure these gates. These officers should not be subjected to operating out of security stations that resemble something from an episode of “Looney Toons.”

Everyone who sees this monstrosity agrees it is absolutely ridiculous and an insult to the police officers who man this post. Everyone with the exception, apparently, of Mayor Bloomberg.

I am appalled that Mayor Bloomberg called these houses “cute, something different” and that they would attract tourists. The reality of the situation is that providing a safe and secure environment for everyone in and around City Hall should be the primary focus. The present toylike atmosphere of the security booths are demeaning to the Police Officers who occupy them and make a mockery out of the purpose they are intended to serve.

I urge every reader to contact Mayor Mike Bloomberg demanding that this ridiculous exhibit be removed immediately.

Tony Avella
Council Member
District 19 – Northeast Queens”

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One Response to “Art at City Hall Angers Avella”

  1. Fotoviva Art Prints Says:
    April 29th, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I bet he was embarrassed! Looks really funky though and we could all do with a bit more art on our streets to liven the place up. Maybe they went a bit too far this time though!

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