Espaillat Takes Rodriguez's Side
July 15th, 2009

Making his allegiance clear early on in the post-Miguel Martinez race in district 10, Assemblymember Adriano Espaillat is endorsing Ydanis Rodriguez right now in the embattled Washington Heights district.

The endorsement may come as no surprise to some. Even if Martinez had not been swept up in the council slush fund scandal and did not resign abruptly yesterday, it was common knowledge that Espaillat was not going to rush to his side with support. The two, who not too long ago were considered good friends, had a bitter fallout and faced off in last year’s Democratic primary for Espaillat’s assembly seat. Espaillat won.

Now the race is likely to heat up even more.

Martinez’s resignation sparked another this morning from Bloomberg administration immigrant affairs Commissioner Guillermo Linares, who held the same seat from 1991 to 2001. Linares is leaving his post to likely assume Martinez’s role in the race, thanks to an obscure section of city election law. Bloomberg is likely to support Linares.

Interestingly Bloomberg supported Espaillat for re-election last year. Espaillat went out on a limb for the mayor, getting behind a controversial recycling center in lower Manhattan that would spur along the city’s solid waste management plan.

Looks like the two might have to agree to disagree on this race, though.

Here are the assemblymember’s comments:

Assemblymember Espaillat said, “Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill have experienced a crisis of leadership in recent days. We must act quickly and decisively to fill the leadership void in the 10th Council District. That is why I am supporting Ydanis Rodriguez for the City Council.”

Ydanis Rodriguez has been a community activist for more than 20 years. His leadership in the fields of education, housing, youth services, economic development and social justice are unquestionable. After receiving his Master’s Degree from City College in bilingual education, he co-founded the Gregorio Luperon High School where he teaches today.

Assemblymember Espaillat added, “We must turn the page and present our community with fresh, new, and innovative leadership. We must not go back to the past. Instead we must move forward in a constructive and united way. Ydanis Rodriguez exemplifies commitment, honesty, transparency, and his outstanding work-product will best serve the Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill community in the years ahead.” Assemblymember Espaillat was joined by the Northern Manhattan Democrats for Change, and 72nd Assembly District leader candidates Aneiry Batista and Manny De Los Santos, in support of Ydanis Rodriguez for City Council.

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