Mayoral Control Mess
July 23rd, 2009

The four amigos paraded in front of City Hall again today to attack Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his record on schools. Both sides have been engaged in a nasty game of name calling. Earlier this week Bloomberg compared senators to Nazis and the amigos taunted Bloomberg at a lunch meeting, even saying they would have the mayor for lunch.

Some other Senate Democrats are growing increasingly embarrassed by the showy actions of the amigos and their “petty” battle with Bloomberg. Those senators say that a group of “adults” are continuing negotiations with Bloomberg’s office over mayoral control while the “children” fight. They are optimistic that a deal could be reached before the fall but have noted that the situation remains volatile.

At City Hall today Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr., had enough vitriol to share not just with Bloomberg but also to lash out at reporters who wanted him to answer questions about his incomplete campaign finance reports. Azi Paybarah has the footage.

Espada was not only late filing his records this month but when he did file he failed to report at least one high profile fund raiser. He also only reported one expense. Espada’s spokesperson has insisted that he will amend the reports if anything was mistakenly left out. Espada has a long history skirting election law.

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