Yes 39, There is a Republican Party (and a Green One Too)
July 23rd, 2009

Reporting from Brooklyn, this post is from Douglas A. Hinnant.

Much to the surprise of the five Democrats running for the City Council’s 39th District, the Republican and Green Parties have candidates in the race. When the candidates heard that all eight would be interviewed for a campaign profile, at least one member of each Democrat’s campaign, and even a couple candidates, raised an eyebrow that said, “Eight?” When I pointed out that the Republicans have two men running and the Greens have one, responses ranged from, “Oh, yeah,” to, “Oh, really.”

In a district where Democrats reportedly outnumber Republicans and Greens eight to one, it might be understandable that Democrats are so focused on the primary. As one campaign worker speaking off the record explained it, for a Democrat to win the primary and not the general election, he would basically have to die. Still, the lack of concern of one party for the others in this election is interesting.

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One Response to “Yes 39, There is a Republican Party (and a Green One Too)”

  1. Pearl Says:
    July 23rd, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Yes you are right it is 8 to 1 for anyone who is not a democrat to win in this district. But ask yourself this question? If the same group of people has stood up for the people this long and you ask anyone in the street, Do they ever see their Council man in the street? or is there any thing they think needs to be done in the district? Their answers are always either we dont even know who our Council man is or we never see him walking the street talking about issues that are on the minds of the people the Council man work for, those people are each and everyone of us…..I think, no rather I know its time for a change, if the leadership that is in office cant take care of the problems the people have then its time for a different type of change. Time to pick another party.

    p.s. I dont take sides, I stand up for whoever helps the PEOPLE the most

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