Cuomo for De Blasio
August 19th, 2009

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Councilmember and public advocate candidate Bill de Blasio clinched the endorsement of former Gov. Mario Cuomo this morning, despite the fact they disagreed on the City Council’s extension of term limits.

Cuomo was the first person to testify at City Hall in favor of extending term limits from two to three terms. De Blasio was one of the extension’s loudest opponents, and is using his fight as one reason why he would make a good public advocate.

This morning that didn’t phase the former governor.

“I endorse people because I like them,” said Cuomo, who was sure to say he had no hard feelings against any of the other candidates (former advocate and current candidate Mark Green ran against his son for attorney general in 2006). “{de Blasio] has not let me down. He has a very extensive record.”

On another topic, the governor refused to give his position on his son’s prospective run for governor, despite much prying from the City Hall press corp. For now, Cuomo said people should stop giving embattled Gov. David Paterson such a hard time and show their support. If the two were to face one another in a primary, the elder Cuomo said he would have to “know a whole lot more” before lending his support to either candidate.

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