Weekly Web Wrap
October 9th, 2009

  • Cyclists and Walkers Account for Two-Thirds of Traffic Fatalities
    (Tri-State Transportation Campaign)
  • Yes, Calorie Labeling Works
    (The Atlantic)
  • Crowdsourcing a More Livable City
  • A Thumbs Down for City’s Bid to Promote Internet Industry
  • City’s Startup Fund Will Need to Be Able to Accept Failures
    (This is going to be BIG)
  • Hand-Held Devices Speed Up Housing Placement for Homeless
    (USA Today via Huffington Post)
  • Battling to Unionize Graduate Teachers at NYU
    (The American Prospect)
  • The City’s Manufacturing Economy
    (Urban Omnibus)
  • Cartoonist’s Take on Upstate Drilling
    (Matt Davies)
  • Water Metering Still Not Universal
    (IBO Web Log)
  • Interactive Graphic of City’s Systems
    (GOOD via Second Ave Sagas)
  • Making Money Off Eminent Domain at Atlantic Yards
    (Real Deal)
  • Silver Knew Atlantic Yards Affordable Units not Guaranteed
    (Atlantic Yards Report)
  • Developers Need Community Support, Which Need Affordable Housing
    (DMI Blog)
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