Urban Grime as History
October 21st, 2009

Incorporating the aesthetics of the natural reclamation of urban abandonment was part of the intent of the High Line park that snakes its way above the streets of the Meat Packing district. But street art wasn’t considered an essential element of that urban fabric, and graffiti that once adorned the walls along the park was replaced by the city with a solid slate of gray. But the actions have a number of people up in arms, calling it the destruction of history. And some are particularly worried about the “Revs” and “Cost” piece further down the line that remains for the time being. It’s not just graffiti, however. Metal sculptures that were once welded to a rusting cavernous area — now flooded with blue light — have also gone missing. Meanwhile, the city has made steps toward acquiring the High Line past 30th Street.

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