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New York's Say on Health Care
November 9th, 2009

If it were up to New York, the health care bill in Washington would have been approved by a much wider margin. The vast majority of the state’s 29 members of Congress said “ay.” (The Empire State’s Congressional Delegation approved the bill 24 to 5. The final vote in the house was 220 to 215.)

A full breakdown is below.

Also check out our series this week — “New York and the Health Care Debate” — where members of our State Legislature and several experts opine on what health care reform could mean for New York.

Votes on Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962):

Ackerman, Gary, New York, 5th: yes
Arcuri, Michael A., New York, 24th: yes
Bishop, Timothy, New York, 1st: yes
Clarke, Yvette D., New York, 11th: yes
Crowley, Joseph, New York, 7th: yes

Engel, Eliot, New York, 17th: yes
Hall, John J., New York, 19th: yes
Higgins, Brian, New York, 27th: yes
Hinchey, Maurice, New York, 22nd: yes
Israel, Steve, New York, 2nd: yes
King, Pete, New York, 3rd: no
Lee, Christopher J., New York, 26th: no
Lowey, Nita, New York, 18th: yes
Maffei, Daniel B., New York, 25th: yes
Maloney, Carolyn, New York, 14th: yes
Massa, Eric J.J., New York, 29th: no
McCarthy, Carolyn, New York, 4th: yes
Owens, William L., New York, 23rd: yes
McMahon, Michael, New York 13th: no
Meeks, Gregory W., New York, 6th: yes
Murphy, Scott, New York, 20th: no
Nadler, Jerrold, New York, 8th: yes
Rangel, Charles B., New York, 15th: yes
Serrano, Jos E., New York, 16th: yes
Slaughter, Louise, New York, 28th: yes
Tonko, Paul D., New York, 21st: yes
Towns, Edolphus, New York, 10th: yes
Velzquez, Nydia M.,, New York, 12th: yes
Weiner, Anthony D., New York, 9th: yes

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