Giuliani Bows Out -- or Does He?
November 19th, 2009

Update: Giuliani may not be running for anything. Politico quotes an aide to the former mayor as saying “”It’s not true” that he has decided to run for Senate.

The Times is reporting — and blogs are confirming — that former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will not run for governor next year. A Giuliani spokesperson issued a statement denying the former mayor had told aide he would not run for governor — but then “another source close to Giuliani” told the Daily Politics, “From what I understand, that story is true.”

The story comes as Giuliani basks in media attention for his repeated and strident opposition to the Obama administration decision to try the people causing of planning the 9/11 attacks in Manhattan.

So why has Giuliani bowed out — if indeed he has? Well it seems the man who has made toughness his brand fears he may not be tough enough for Albany.

City Councilmember James Oddo has said that, after hearing Giuliani speak recently, “I walked away thinking the last thing that Rudy wants is getting sucked into the mire of Albany.” And asource Daily Politics identifies as “close the Giuliani, said, “with the way the state is now, a Republican governor comes in with no Assembly and no Senate, how can you get anything done? Who wants to spend the entire time fighting with (Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver)?”

Meanwhile the move — if indeed it is a move — set off speculation about who else might run for government on the GOP side – former U.S, Rep. Rick Lazio is the only declared candidate so far — and what effect this might have on Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s and his deliberations over whether to challenge Gov. David Paterson on the Democratic side.

And it prompted fulminations about Giuliani’s political future a well, including the U.S. Senate, a post he was planning to seek in 2000 before health and person problems pushed him out.

Perhaps the most mystifying speculations comes courtesy of the Daly Politics: “If Giuliani does run against [Sen. Kirsten] Gillibrand, it will only be to serve out the unexpired seat of the woman he backed down from facing in 2000, Hillary Clinton. Conveniently, that term ends in 2012, which would position Giuliani for another White House run.”

As Seth Meyers and Amy Pohler would say, “Really?”

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