Thanksgiving With the Senate?
November 19th, 2009

It may be shocking (not really) but another day has passed without an agreement to reduce the state’s deficit. Many legislators have already departed for their districts and the Senate won’t be in session again until Monday morning. The Assembly is scheduled to return on Monday as well.

Earlier this year, thanks to the Senate coup, legislators managed to gnash and negotiate at each other right up until the 4th of July holiday; might we see the same thing with Thanksgiving?

Paterson has yet to threaten to hold legislators through the holiday. “I’m not going to make any long-term threats, but as you notice, though it has not been done, we continue to work,” Paterson said last night.

So, negotiations will likely plod along and rank and file legislators will keep their fingers crossed that their leaders will be able agree on a cornucopia of savings before next Thursday.

From recent discussions with Senate Democrats it sounds increasingly likely that the size of savings the Senate is willing to deliver will be much smaller than the $3.2 billion Paterson has been looking for.

Sen. Kevin Parker said yesterday that he thought it would be appropriate to deal with this year’s budget shortfall with “one shots” because it would be easier to deal with the “structural” issues in the budget during next year’s budget process.

A number of other Senators have recently been insisting that Paterson’s deficit prediction as well as Comptroller Thomas DiNappoli’s were “way out of proportion.”

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