Who Uses and Likes NYC Condoms?
November 19th, 2009

All over the city NYC Condoms can be found. They’re free, plentiful and pretty easy to find. And if the 3.4 million distributed monthly are any indication, they’re quite popular, too.

But over two years after the city began the condom campaign, anecdotal evidence has trickled in suggesting that people want other options, such as larger sizes. So researchers set out to find out who was aware of the branded condom, whether they’ve used it, and if they were satisfied with it. They had 361 people fill out surveys at events where attendees were mostly either black or gay in attempt to address the needs of populations at elevated HIV risk. The results of the survey were published last month in the American Journal of Public Health.

“We found high levels of NYC Condom awareness, and awareness translated into use,” the report’s authors wrote. Just over 76 percent of respondents have seen the condoms, and 75 percent have actually picked them up. Just over 68 percent of those who “got some” actually used them. About 53 percent have used them, but didn’t necessarily pick them up themselves.

While college graduates were the most likely to have seen the condoms, they were least likely to use them. About 38 percent of graduates reported using them compared with just over 64 percent of those with only some college and those with a high school diploma or less.

Researchers noted that people want options. “Demand exists for alternatives to NYC Condoms,” they said. The average rating for the branded condom on a scale of 1-to-10 was 6.6. About 22 percent said they would like the city to offer an ultra-thin version, 18 percent said they’d like extra-strength, and 14 percent asked for a larger size.

The authors also pointed out the limitations of the study. Since the survey was aimed at an at-risk population; only chose those who were at least 18-years-old; and 50 percent of those approached refused to participate, the results “are not generalizable to all New Yorkers.”

On a related note, the NYC Condom is on Facebook, where you can send friends and acquaintances “e-condoms” if you ever felt the need.

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