The Last Word on Fiterman Hall
December 1st, 2009


This morning, the mayor, Manhattan borough president, administration from the City University of New York and others gathered on Greenwich Street to break ground on the new, and now infamous Fiterman Hall — a 15-story building that hosted classroom space for the Borough of Manhattan Community College, which was severely damaged from debris during the September 11th attacks.

More than eight years later, the city is putting down $139 million for a new building, set to boast 96 classrooms, office space, community areas, a small conference center, art gallery and cafe. The city also says the new 14-story building will be environmentally friendly.

Fiterman Halls reconstruction will be the latest milestone in Lower Manhattans remarkable comeback, and its transformation into a vibrant, 24/7, family-friendly community, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This new world-class academic building is an investment not only in Borough of Manhattan Community College, but in the students and faculty that will occupy the building and the people that live and work in Lower Manhattan.

But it has been a long, long road to get to this place. Gotham Gazette covered the controversy over Fiterman Hall last year. Then, critics accused the administration of not wanting to pay for its fair share of the reconstruction. The city and state share the cost of community colleges within the CUNY system, Gotham Gazette’s Gail Robinson reported.

In total, the project will cost $325 million, which includes $66 million for the deconstruction and decontamination of the old building, according to the Bloomberg administration. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, a joint city and state entity, is picking up $186 million of that.

Fiterman Hall was a bit of a blemish in the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan following September 11. Now that it is moving forward, you can bet residents and New Yorkers citywide will be wondering when the rest of it will completed (Originally the memorial and the Freedom Tower were supposed to be completed in 2009 and 2008, respectively. Obviously, they are way behind schedule).

For an in depth look at all of the development slated for Ground Zero, take a look at Gotham Gazette’s timeline.

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