Liu's Appointees
January 5th, 2010

New City Comptroller John Liu this morning announced the appointment of several deputy comptrollers. The list includes Simcha Felder, who will give up his seat on the City Council to serve as deputy comptroller for accounting and budget. Felder, a certified public accountant who once worked in the city comptroller’s officer, was re-elected to his seat from Brooklyn’s 44th district, which includes Borough Park, without any opposition in November. He had avoided a primary challenge as well.

The announcement paves the way for a special election and, according to the Daily Politics, the battle has already begun. The blog’s Liz Benjamin reports that Judge Noach Dear, Felder’s controversial predecessor, is considering trying to get his old seat back and that David Greenfield, executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation, is likely to run. Before the term limits extension, Greenfield was a front-runner to succeed Felder.

Whoever takes the seat, he or she probably will not share Felder’s distinction as one of the council’s funniest members. Late last year, though, City Councilmember James Oddo predicted he would “consistently funnier than Simcha Felder” in 2010. Given that Felder now loses a public forum for his quips, Oddo was probably right.

Liu also named Eric Eve, a senior vice president, at Citigroup as first deputy comptroller. The others appointed were: Ricardo Elias Morales, a former general counsel at the New York City Housing Authority, as general counsel; Geneith Turnbull, deputy commissioner, at the city Human Resources Administration, as deputy comptroller for contracts; and H. Tina Kim, former director of audit and civil rights at the state transportation department, as deputy comptroller for audit. Carol Kostik will keep her position as deputy comptroller for public finance.

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