Rumor Mill in Overdrive
February 5th, 2010

Everyone in Albany is talking about it–reporters, politicians, staffers, janitors, my girlfriend’s mom — they’ve all heard about a story the New York Times is supposedly about to publish that, as the buzz has it, would likely damage Gov. David Paterson’s chances of election this fall. The rumors about the article’s focus range from matters of political concern to out and out tawdry and salacious news about Paterson’s private life. According to the grapevine the article could hit at any moment–although the latest rumor pegs it for a Sunday release.

For years bartenders and patrons around Albany have passed around stories about Paterson’s “bad old days.” Paterson’s private life is also a hot topic for maintenance workers around the Capitol.

The rumors, whether a story actually appears or not, are probably welcome news for some Democratic leaders who are becoming more concerned about Paterson’s viability as a candidate– they would like Paterson out of the way so that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo can step up his campaign. It is also welcome news for legislators who are tired of being slapped around by Paterson in the press.

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2 Responses to “Rumor Mill in Overdrive”

  1. cleanupnynow Says:
    February 7th, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    I am not surprised that David Patersons demise is fast approaching. However, I am very surprised that this clown lasted so long. David Paterson and his crew have been a complete embarrassment to this state. His actions have simply caught up to him.

    David Paterson has always been more interested in going to clubs, giving jobs to girlfriends and incompetents than he is in governing New York State.

    The Democratic Conference Organizational and Structural Report detailing the workings of Patersons managerial style while he was Senate Minority leader is a true testament to this clowns ability to manage or more precisely mismanage.

    This scathing report indicated that Patersons Senate Minority office, headed by the supremely incompetent Michael Jones Bey, was completely dysfunctional. Mr. Jones Bey, who is now incredulously Director of Empire State Developments Office of Women and Minority Business Development, was reported to be more interested in partying and boozing up with staff than working.

    If you want to get a glimpse of the chaos that occurred in Patersons Senate Minority office while Paterson was Minority Leader just hit on the link below. I am sure that you will be outraged just as I and many other New Yorkers are.

    In the end we must not only blame David Paterson for his failings. We must also lay blame to our beloved former love Guv Eliot Spitzer for failing to do his due diligence and putting David Paterson on the Democratic ticket.

  2. Willard Rickie Says:
    February 7th, 2011 at 5:12 pm

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