Historic Vote Broken Down
March 22nd, 2010

It’s here. Good or bad, supporter or critic, the United States is on its way to universal health care.

For a local take, check out how the New York delegation voted last night below. Among our representatives, the vote was 24 to 4. In Washington, health care passed 219 to 212.

And to take a look at the floor debate (all three-plus hours) visit here.

Ackerman, Gary, New York, 5th — Ay
Arcuri, Michael A., New York, 24th — No
Bishop, Timothy, New York, 1st — Ay
Clarke, Yvette D., New York, 11th — Ay
Crowley, Joseph, New York, 7th — Ay
Engel, Eliot, New York, 17th — Ay
Hall, John J., New York, 19th — Ay
Higgins, Brian, New York, 27th — Ay
Hinchey, Maurice, New York, 22nd — Ay
Israel, Steve, New York, 2nd — Ay
King, Pete, New York, 3rd — No
Lee, Christopher J., New York, 26th — No
Lowey, Nita, New York, 18th — Ay

Maffei, Daniel B., New York, 25th — Ay
Maloney, Carolyn, New York, 14th — Ay
McCarthy, Carolyn, New York, 4th — Ay
McMahon, Michael, New York 13th — No
Meeks, Gregory W., New York, 6th — Ay
Murphy, Scott, New York, 20th — Ay
Nadler, Jerrold, New York, 8th — Ay
Owens, Bill, New York, 23rd — Ay
Rangel, Charles B., New York, 15th — Ay
Serrano, Jos E., New York, 16th — Ay
Slaughter, Louise, New York, 28th — Ay
Tonko, Paul D., New York, 21st — Ay
Towns, Edolphus, New York, 10th — Ay
Velzquez, Nydia M.,, New York, 12th — Ay
Weiner, Anthony D., New York, 9th — Ay

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One Response to “Historic Vote Broken Down”

  1. dresses Says:
    November 27th, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    I guess, it comes down to 3109 simple choice!

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