Weekly Web Wrap
April 9th, 2010

State Denies Indian Point Water Quality Certificate
State Seeks Mobile App Ideas for Parks
Secrets Under a Chinatown Street
(The Real Estate)
Mapping the City’s Bodegas
(Edible Geography)
Pondering Urban Authenticity
(New Geography)
Columbia to Offer Computer Science-Journalism Degree
(Wired via NYConvergence)
New 13 Percent Water Rate Hike Proposed
(Bronx News Network)
The Effects of Nurses’ Strikes on Patients
(NY Fiscal Watch)
When the Car Was New
(Regional Plan Association)
Cartoonist’s Take on State Workers and the Budget
(Matt Davies)
Building an Alternative Shoreline
(Metropolitan Water Alliance)
A New Dawn in Sunset Park?
(DMI Blog)

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