Waterfront Plan Kicked Off
April 13th, 2010


First they went green. Now they’re going marine.

Channeling their inner seafarer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn launched the city’s “Vision 2020” this morning — a plan to create a blueprint for the city’s 500 miles of waterfront for the next decade.

The plan is part of an initiative Quinn announced in 2008 to hone in on the city’s shoreline.

Before the Brooklyn Bridge, before Robert Moses, and before Fiorello La Guardia, New York Citys waterfronts were integral to its bustling blue highways, said Quinn in a prepared statement. Hundreds of years later, we are standing on these same shores, launching a long-term collaborative initiative to reclaim our waterfronts and bring them into the 21st century. The City Council is proud to have passed the visionary legislation that requires City government to come up with an effective and responsible waterfronts plan, not once, but every ten years. Through this law, we will never turn our backs on our citys 578 miles of waterfront.

The council passed legislation in 2008 requiring the city draft a plan for its waterfront and update it every decade. At the time officials said the requirement would ensure the city would appropriately make use of its shoreline both recreationally and sustainably.

The mayor joined the speaker this morning in the Bronx to tout the city’s new plan. The final version of the planning document has to be completed by December 31.

For more on the plan, go here.

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