Working Families Party:Boycott Arizona
April 29th, 2010

The Working Families Party is looking to harness anger over Arizona’s new immigration law through a petition designed to push New York’s politicians to boycott the state.

Arizona’s law enforcement officials are now mandated to detain anyone they suspect of being an undocumented immigrant. A lot of people are rather steamed at Arizona lately for the newly enacted law.

A number of Arizonan law enforcement officials say the law will cause them major headaches, alienate populations they have been trying to create a working relationship with and basically be impossible to enforce.

Here is a video of the Daily Show’s John Stewart slamming the legislation and calling Arizona the “meth lab of Democracy.”

Sen. Craig Johnson wants you to know that Arizona iced tea is actually made in his district. So don’t boycott that, k? Thx!

Here is the text a letter the WFP sent to supporters :

Dear Working Families supporter,

Arizona just passed the harshest anti-immigrant law in the nation. But New York could help repeal it.

Our state legislators are considering joining the national movement to boycott Arizona until the state rolls back its drastic new measures — like the requirement that police must detain anyone whom they “suspect” of being an undocumented immigrant.1

While the boycott would be largely symbolic, this tactic has worked once before. When Arizona’s leaders refused to recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 1987, a nationwide boycott cost the state the chance to host the Superbowl. Voters soon reinstated the holiday.

Do you support a New York boycott of Arizona? If so, sign our petition urging Albany to pass their boycott resolution:

New York’s boycott resolution will urge our state government and private companies to avoid travel, tourism and other business dealings with Arizona until the state repeals this law. The petition says, “New York is a state of immigrants, and we oppose Arizona’s harsh new law. We call on the New York State Legislature to push back by passing the Arizona boycott resolution.”

You might think a law like this could never get passed in New York — but at least two prominent candidates for New York Governor won’t rule out doing what Arizona just did. Republican Steve Levy, who has a long history of immigrant-bashing, said much of the law was “very rational.” And Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino said anyone who criticizes the Arizona law is pandering to “illegals.”

A boycott is one way to send a message that New Yorkers won’t tolerate such extreme intolerance — because our diversity is our strength. If you back a New York boycott of Arizona, sign the petition to Albany:


Dan Cantor
WFP Executive Director

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6 Responses to “Working Families Party:Boycott Arizona”

  1. ted Says:
    May 3rd, 2010 at 6:11 am

    Sorry but I am doing the exact opposite. I had no idea of the magnitude of Arizona commercial sites who sell online. Thank you for waking me up to this. I wonder why groups like you do not vehemetly condemn the Mexican gov’t for their lack of caring for their own making them cross borders illegally in te first place. DO you boycott Mexico…no…do you vent to their president…no.

    You do realize majority of Americans support this type of bill to stop the complete insanity we are seeing at our borders right now. When people choose to enter America they need to do it right. No more boo hoo’ing to the Ameican people…we are fed up with groups like you who thumb your noses to the law of the land.
    Curious, can you possibly on your site give a viable solution to the 15- 20 million undocumented workers in America today? Would be refreshing to read what you think is a remedy keeping in mind what Americans as a majority feel which should have soem bearing on your views…no?

    You should try it sometime. Be a good American and care about Americans.

  2. libhomo Says:
    May 15th, 2010 at 6:53 am

    Arizona has blatantly and deliberately endorsed the ideology of Hitler and the Nazis. Opposing the boycott is the moral equivalent of spitting on the graves of US soldiers who died fighting the Nazis in WWII.

    The Working Families Party is doing what all patriotic Americans are doing: boycotting the Hate State.

  3. Nickie Demory Says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 12:50 am

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