Cops Saved, Teachers Slashed
May 6th, 2010

In an hour, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will release his fiscal year 2011 executive budget.

So far, the Times reports 6,700 teachers will be cut (it’s unclear how much of this will be through attrition). In addition, the city’s workforce will be reduced by another 5,000 positions — mostly through attrition.

Following the Times Square attempted bombing, the mayor has decided to withdraw his proposal to cut New York’s finest by about 900 positions. The police department will now be held harmless.

Much of the city’s fiscal fate is up in the air since Albany has yet to reach a budget agreement. The mayor argues Gov. David Paterson’s original plan would slash $1.3 billion from the city.

For more on the budget impasse in Albany, see “Missing in Action.”

We will be reporting on the proposal throughout the day today, so stay tuned.

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