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Voting on 'Oreo'
June 11th, 2010

Oreo’s Law, a measure aimed at rescuing adoptable animal in shelters, is scheduled for a vote Tuesday in the Assembly Agriculture Committee. But, according to emails this morning, advocates of the bill fear the bill could die.

A message from Nathan Winograd of the No-Kill Advocacy Center, a key proponent of Oreo’s Law, says William Magee, chair of the committee, has recommended it be held or table which would, in effect, kill it.

As Jillian Jonas reported in Gotham Gazette earlier this year, the measure has split the animal rights community with many groups supporting but the ASPCA on record as against it.

In his email, Winograd takes aim at animal groups opposing the measure saying a legislative insider told him “the opposition is strong, but the supporters are not. They do not have enough connections. And they certainly don’t have the money, millions of dollars given by unsuspecting donors who erroneously think these organizations speak for the animals, instead of their own ambition.”

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One Response to “Voting on 'Oreo'”

  1. HonestyHelps Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Winograd has the nerve to say that the ASPCA is doing this for their own ambition? That’s the kettle calling the pot black. Winograd has always cared for nothing more than his own agenda. He is a Wayne Pacelle wannabe. If you study the Hayden Act which Oreo’s Bill is taken from, you will see the horrors that it created and still is creating. Thank God for the repeal. This Act actually paid shelters to euthanize and yet Winograd praises it. You don’t adopt out dogs that are aggressive and Winograd wants that to happen so he can sit back and raise more cain. He is a miserable loser and failure with his program and wants the same for everyone else.

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