WFP Sums Up the State Budget...
June 16th, 2010

With this “quick” survey, which just landed in our inbox:

Hey Courtney,

With just a few days left before the final budget vote, how should Albany solve our state budget crisis?

A.) Fire thousands of teachers

B.) Tax Wall Street bonuses

Thanks for taking a moment to answer.

Bob Master, WFP Chair
Dan Cantor, WFP Executive Director

This is part of their campaign to (as you can see here) push for a tax on Wall Street. The idea has been picked up by the council’s newly minted progressive caucus — many of whom were supported by the Working Families Party last fall.

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3 Responses to “WFP Sums Up the State Budget...”

  1. Larry Littlefield Says:
    June 16th, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    We already have the highest state and local tax burden in the country. Which means that if people on Wall Street aren’t paying enough, someone else is paying too much — not the total needs to go up and be transfered to those financing the WFP.

    Total spending on the NYC public schools are going up. But a higher and higher share is going to pensions and retiree health care in the wake of the “free” 25/55 pension plan that “saves money.” That, and the subsequent pension change to reduce the take home pay of new teachers by 5 percent, were the biggest shifts of funds in the school system in 30 years. And what do you hear about them? Nothing.

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