Monday Budget Showdown
June 27th, 2010

To avoid having to vote for Gov. David Paterson’s mother of all budget extenders, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Conference Leader John Sampson came up with their own budget plan this weekend. The legislature’s plan restores $300 million in school aid proposed in Paterson’s plan and excludes a number of revenue raisers Paterson favored, including a sugar tax.

In response, Paterson called a special session to have the legislature vote on parts of his proposal that they aren’t keen on. Those measures include SUNY/CUNY reforms and a plan that deals with federal medicaid funding.

Legislators responded, and headed to Albany today but they did not vote on Paterson’s bills. The Senate gaveled in and out in three minutes–it took the Assembly six. Silver and Sampson say that negotiations are continuing with the governor and they would rather pass a three-way deal. However, tomorrow is the deadline. They can pass Paterson’s extender, pass their two way deal, or shut the government down.

Paterson held a presser after the two non-sessions and said that the legislature must pass his emergency extender to make sure the the budget is truly balanced. “Im saying that without it, that Ill veto everything,” Paterson said after demanding the legislature deal with the medicaid funding issue.

It isn’t clear if Senate Democrats have enough votes to get their plans through. The showdown starts at high noon tomorrow–it should be a show.


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