Weekly Web Wrap
July 23rd, 2010

Smart Grid Battles the Heat Wave
(GOOD via Planetizen)
Sheridan Study is Questionable
(Tri-State Transportation Campaign)
33rd Senate District Candidates on the Issues
(Bronx News Network)
Why the City is the World’s Marijuana Arrest Capital
Bloomberg Risks Creating More Homeless
(Coalition for the Homeless)
If the World was as Dense as New York City
(Urban Omnibus)
Subsidies for Healthy Firms, Cuts in Services for Poor
City Unveils Real-Time Water Metering
Cartoonist’s Take on the MTA Budget Gap
(Matt Davies)
Palin Criticizes Ground Zero Mosque
Schumer Most Active Member of Congress
(US News and World Report)
Cuomo’s Run Sans Labor Support
(The American Prospect)

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