Weekly Web Wrap
August 20th, 2010

City’s Open Data Sets Allowed to Stagnate
Mosque Hatred Symptom of Viscous Cycle
(The American Conservative)
Two Cheers for American Tolerance
(Reason Magazine)
Ground Zero Imam: ‘I Am a Jew’
(The Atlantic)
Bike-Pedestrian Injuries Drop Even Lower
Foodprint City
(Urban Omnibus)
Still Time for a Complete Streets Law
(Tri-State Transportation Campaign)
The Burden of Proving One’s Homelessness
(Coalition for the Homeless)
The MTA’s Uninformative Info Boards
(Second Avenue Sagas)
County to County Commuting
State’s Budget Gap Grows
(NY Fiscal Watch)
Wireless Bike Share Pilot Coming to City
(Govtech.com via NYConvergence)
Governor Has the Power to Control Spending
(City Journal)

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