Charter Commission Approves Term Limits Question
August 24th, 2010

As expected, the city Charter Revision Commission approved a ballot proposal last night that if approved would rescind the controversial 2008 term limits extension, prohibit the City Council from extending their own terms in the future and grandfather in current officeholders to the three term limit.

The grandfathering proposal proved to be the most controversial considered by the commission. Some commissioners urged the commission to make any term limit proposal effective immediately. The mayor also came out against grandfathering every official in.

“Allowing any councilmember to benefit by postponing the effective date and precluding the public from immediately voting on it, in my view, does not respect the will of the people,” said Commissioner Kenneth Moltner last night.

Meanwhile, some members of the City Council threatened to sue if they were not allowed to serve a full three terms — we covered that issue here.

In addition to term limits, proposals to disclose independent spending in campaigns, increase the fine for ethics violations and halving the number of signatures needed to get on the ballot were all approved by the commission.

Larger issues, like the power of borough presidents or the public advocate, that some anticipated would be under review, were sidestepped.

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