Weekly Web Wrap
August 27th, 2010

Group Picked for Living Wage Study Called Biased
(Bronx News Network)
Claim that America has Killed More than Islam is Fact
(The American Conservative)
Mosques Curb Domestic Radicalization
(The American Prospect)
Closest Senior Center May be a Mile Away
(IBO Web Blog)
Cartoonist’s Take on Legislators’ Office Spending
(Matt Davies)
Tennis Courts to Get Carbon Neutral Composting Toilets
Reimagining “Towers in the Park”
(Urban Omnibus)
No Reason to Wait on Paid Sick Leave
(DMI Blog)
Men Die Younger than Women
(Health Department)
Albany’s 2010 Transportation Wrap Up
(Tri-State Transportation Campaign)
A Return of the Full Face Ballot Requirement?
Correction: No State Records on Bike-on-Pedestrian Injuries

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