Schneiderman Talks Main Street
October 13th, 2010

AFL-CIO president Denis Hughes stood and endorsed Sen. Eric Schneiderman in front of my favorite Albany ice cream shop. It is on Delaware Avenue, not Main Street.

Schneiderman was there to play up the fact that his opponent for attorney general, Staten Island Dan Donovan, has said that he does not want to be the “Sheriff of Wall Street.”

“At a time wen working men and women are facing myriad challenges on the job, the Attorney General’s role is vital to ensuring a measure of fairness and justice in the workplace,” said Hughes.

Casey Seiler of the Times Union asked Schneiderman if he foresaw any conflict with the labor endorsement being that as attorney general he may have to represent the state against labor interests. Schneiderman said that in hard fiscal times, “we all have to work together.”

A number of Schneiderman supporters said they feel good about their candidate’s chances two weeks away from the election with Schneiderman leading in the polls but they said they were waiting for Donovan’s campaign to really turn it on.

One supporter described the difficulties of campaigning for Schneiderman upstate where he is not well known. They said despite his many legislative accomplishments what seems to be clicking with upstate voters is his role in ousting former Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Meanwhile, the Schneiderman campaign released a blistering attack ad against Donovan today.

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