Donovan Off the Air?
October 20th, 2010

Eric Schneiderman’s campaign is celebrating the results of a new Siena Poll and questioning the strength of Dan Donovan’s campaign coffers.

“On the same day it was revealed Dan Donovan was forced to pull his ads from TV for the entire week, the first Siena poll of Likely Voters in the race for Attorney General shows Donovan needs to make up 7 points with just 13 days to go. According to the poll of “likely voters,” Schneiderman leads Donovan 44-37,” reads the release.

A source close to the Donovan campaign disputes that their ad buys for this week have anything to do with a lack of cash.

“Our plan since before the primary was to go hard after September 15, with TV buys the past two weeks (we were everywhere except Manhattan), drop our mail this week, then go up again on TV everywhere (including Manhattan) the last 10 days.”

They say that Scheniderman’s TV buy was small compared to theirs during the past week and that they started their television spots a week earlier than Schniederman’s camp. “They have their strategy, we have ours,” said the source. “We need the push at the end, because turnout is what will determine this race.”

Schneiderman has been able to pump his own cash into his campaign and enjoys a flush press staff. Donovan is operating with one press person.

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