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Diaz's Prediction for 2011
December 23rd, 2010

Sen. Ruben Diaz had only one thing on his mind when we called him last week to get his predictions for 2011–same-sex marriage.

We spoke to Diaz as he was preparing for his Christmas bash and he predicted, “There will be a fight in the senate for gay marriage and it will fail to pass again. So my prediction is there will be no gay marriage in 2011.”

We reminded the senator that he could cover a wide range of topics and perhaps even throw out a lighthearted prediction or two. He declined.

Check out what other notable New Yorkers predicted for 2011–most of them were more nuanced and less laser focused than Diaz’s.

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Senate Passes Zadroga
December 22nd, 2010

The U.S. Senate passed a scaled down version of the Zadroga bill that will provide health care to 9/11 responders and survivors for a five-year period. Democrats held marathon negotiations with Republicans who opposed the expense of the bill. The bill originally provided $7.4 billion in funding over eight years but was shaved down to $4.3 over five. The bill must now be approved by the House.

Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand issued as statement calling the deal a “Christmas Miracle.”

Over the last 24 hours, our Republican colleagues have negotiated in good faith to forge a workable final package that will protect the health of the men and women who selflessly answered our nations call in her hour of greatest need. This has been a long process, but we are now on the cusp of the victory these heroes deserve.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver issued this statement:

“This afternoons Senate vote literally will save lives. With the passage of the Zadroga bill, our brave and suffering 9/11 rescue workers and the thousands of Downtown residents who are also casualties of the attacks, have overcome the primary obstacle in their path to receiving the health care they so desperately need. I am pleased that Congress has acknowledged our moral and national obligation to care for the casualties of this tragic attack on America. I applaud Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Congress members Jerrold Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, Anthony Weiner and the rest of our congressional delegation for their dedication and persistence in securing passage of this critical legislation. I look forward to President Obama signing this historic bill into law.”

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Bloomberg Mulls Over ATM Bill
December 20th, 2010

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is mulling over whether to sign a bill that would drastically increase fines for property owners with illegal sidewalk ATMs after small business owners expressed concern over the bill’s impact this afternoon.

According to a spokesperson, the mayor will take the next couple of days to consider the bill and announce his decision after Christmas.

“I dont want to be the Grinch that stole Christmas,” the mayor said today. “On the other hand the city has requirements, where one of the issues here is the ability to pass on the sidewalk.”

Up until this morning, the mayor was expected to sign the measure, which the council approved earlier this month. At today’s bill signing, small business owners reportedly said the legislation would limit access to cash for neighborhoods without banks and hurt small businesses.

Under the current version of the bill, fines could increase from $250 to $5,000. These ATMs are already illegal, but there is barely any enforcement or regulation of them, council officials said.

If the mayor vetoes the measure, Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the council would move to override it.

“This will give the power for them to be taken off the street,” said Quinn. “It actually gives the city the power and the tools to make this illegal behavior end. That’s a good thing.”

Here is the mayor’s statement this morning courtesy of the City Hall press office:
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Paterson Fined for Taking Yankees Tickets
December 20th, 2010

The Commission on Public Integrity has fined Gov. David Paterson $62,125 for soliciting and accepting 5 tickets to the Yankees world series game in 2009.The commission found that Paterson gave “false testimony” when he testified that he always intended to pay for the tickets.

New York Public Interest Group’s Blair Horner weighed in on the fine, battering the lame duck who only has less than two days left in office:

“Today’s action by the Commission on Public Integrity adds to Governor Paterson’s legacy of ethical miscues and scandals. He now has a $62,125 fine to go with the charge that he lied under oath to CPI investigators. Since the CPI rejected the claim that the governor’s appearance at the World Series was in his official capacity, we urge the State Board of Elections to reject any effort by the governor to use his campaign funds to pay this fine.

The governor’s ethics legacy includes the Kennedy fiasco, the clumsy handling of the assault investigation involving one of his top aides and the botched AEG contract. Governor Paterson also mishandled the chance for an improvement in ethics laws when he vetoed legislation passed with bipartisan majorities in both houses. At that time, the governor argued that he wanted a stronger bill. However, he never once put ethics on an agenda for the many special sessions he called and he never put ethics into one of his budget extenders. He never called a leaders meeting on the issue after his veto.

The governor’s failures on ethics policies and his behavior will forever tarnish his record.”

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Espada Still Majority Leader On Facebook
December 17th, 2010


Democrats moved quickly to strip Sen. Pedro Espada of his official titles in light of the multiple federal embezzlement and theft charges but the senator has not been as quick to update his Facebook pages which both still read “NYS Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.”. Espada has 419 likes on his fan page and 1,078 friends on his personal page.

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Paterson Signs Battery Recycling Law
December 16th, 2010

You know that broken iPod you’ve got sitting around? Those busted flip phones, or that laptop with the hole in the screen?(How on Earth did that get there?) Well they’ve all got batteries in ’em and those batteries are no good for mother nature. Thanks to new legislation, signed yesterday by Gov. David Paterson and sponsored by Sen. Liz Krueger and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, electronics manufacturers will be required under state law to work with retailers to set up convenient recycling programs for those sorts of batteries. The goal is to keep those toxic batteries out of landfills.

With the Governors signature, New York State is making the statement that through extended producer responsibility, manufacturers accountability does not end once their products are sold,” said Krueger in a statement.

“The final approval of this legislation removes the full burden of accountability from the consumer and shifts responsibility to the experts so that these products will be properly disposed of and recycled. I applaud Governor Paterson for taking this important step in helping protect the environment.”

“By preventing consumers from throwing these items in the trash and ensuring that retailers and manufacturers take responsibility for disposing of them properly, well keep dangerous substances out of our air and water, said Kavanagh in a statement. Recycling and reuse are the path to a sustainable economy and a healthy environment, and were committed to making sure that New York leads the way. I thank Governor David Paterson, Senator Liz Krueger, and Assembly Environmental Committee Chair Bob Sweeney for their critical support in getting this law enacted.

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Ta-Ta Espada
December 14th, 2010

Sen. Pedro Espada and his son have been indicted on five federal counts of embezzling government funds and one charge of conspiracy. The charges stem from Espada’s alleged theft of funds from his non-profit Soundview Health Clinic. Both men are expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow.

Senate Democrats acted quickly by removing Espada from his position as senate majority leader. They released this statement: In light of Senator Pedro Espadas indictment, he has been removed as Majority Leader and Chair of the Senate Housing Committee effective immediately.

Earlier this morning Espada released a report congratulating himself on his short stint in the senate and calling for reform. I believe this is what they refer to as an “EPIC FAIL.”

Click here to revisit the time the Gazette spent with Espada weeks before he initiated the senate coup.

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Back to the Islamic Center
December 14th, 2010

Just when you thought (hoped?) the issue of the erroneously tagged Ground Zero mosque had gone away, Judicial Watch has filed a petition in state Supreme Court seeking the release of all communication between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the leader of the proposed Islamic center and other Muslim groups.

According to Talking Posts Memo, Judicial Watch had requested the records under New York’s Freedom of Information Law in August. The group says the mayor’s office acknowledged the request, said it would respond within 20 days — but never did (something that, whatever the merits of this case is not exactly unprecedented). Contacted by TPM, the mayor’s office would not comment.

Bloomberg has repeatedly spoken out in favor of the center’s right to build near Ground Zero. In a press release, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said, “Mayor Bloomberg’s support for the Ground Zero mosque needs to be fully explored. New Yorkers are going to want to know how closely he’s working with the radicals supporting the Ground Zero mosque. … What is the mayor’s office hiding?”

The release also repeats allegations — unsubstantiated and largely refuted — linking the center’s organizers to radical Islamic extremism and the financing of terrorism. Judicial Watch identifies itself as “a conservative non-partisan educational foundation” that among other things “seeks to ensure that political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.”

Lately, according to TPM, the group has focused a lot on alleged link between U.S. officials it does not like and Islam. Its founder reportedly has accused President Barack Obama of being on a “political jihad promoting Islam around the world.”

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Greens Call Paterson's Fracking Order "Inadequate"
December 13th, 2010

The Green Party is not OK with the executive order Gov. David Paterson issued to make up for his veto of the legislature’s hydrofracking moratorium. In fact they didn’t think the moratorium was strong enough either.

“The vetoed legislation and the Executive Order are not only insufficient to cope with the intensive, pervasive and massive scale of HDHVHF (horizontal drilling, high volume hydrofracturing), but are a smokescreen that accommodates the gas industry’s timetable while handing the anti-drilling movement a hollow ‘victory’,” said Howie Hawkins, co-chair of the Green Party of NYS and recent gubernatorial candidate in a statement.

Meanwhile the National Resource Defense Council says Paterson’s executive order leaves a gaping loophole because it only applies to horizontally drilled wells not vertically drilled wells.

“Governor Paterson has acknowledged that fracking poses serious threats to our health and our safe drinking water — but his moratorium only protects us so much,” said the NRDC’s Kate Sinding in a statement. “While he has called time-out on some kinds of drilling, there’s a gaping loophole remaining that leaves New Yorkers at risk from the dangers of fracking. With Paterson on his way out, and powerful oil and gas corporations still eyeing our backyards – it will be up to the incoming governor to close the loophole and follow through on protecting our future. We’re counting on Governor-elect Cuomo to make sure our health and our clean drinking water are protected from the very real threats knocking on our door.”

Here is the full release from the Green Party: Read the rest of this entry »

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Advocates on Paterson's Fracking Order
December 11th, 2010

A coalition of environmental groups are weighing in on Gov. David Paterson’s veto of the hydrofracking moratorium and his subsequent executive order putting a temporary hold on fracking until July 2011. While they praise Paterson for setting a national precedent, they say Paterson’s order leaves loopholes and is not as strong as the moratorium he vetoed.

The following statement was issued by these groups:

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, EARTHWORKS Oil & Gas Accountability Project, Earthjustice, Environmental Advocates of New York, Frack Action, Hudson Riverkeeper, Natural Resources Defense Council, Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation, and Sierra Club-Atlantic Chapter:

Governor Paterson has signaled that he understands fracking is a dangerous process that poses serious health and environmental threats. The moratorium makes New York the first state to insist on protecting the health and safety of its citizens and drinking water, before allowing drilling to proceed. Unfortunately, Governor Paterson issued this order while simultaneously vetoing a stronger bill passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities in the New York State Senate and Assembly.

Unlike the moratorium bill, the Executive Order does not protect against the dangers of all fracking wells, but allows so-called vertical wellsexactly the kind of wells that were responsible for ruining nine square miles of aquifer and poisoning the drinking water of more than a dozen families in Dimock, Pennsylvania, along with many other pollution incidents in Pennsylvaniato move forward. This loophole still leaves New Yorkers at risk and gas corporations are already threatening to exploit it.

When the incoming governor replaces Paterson this January, he will have the opportunity to fix the loophole and set New York on a long-term protective course for fracking. Governor-elect Cuomo has already said existing watersheds are sacrosanct and he would not support any drilling that would threaten the States major sources of drinking water. He has said any drilling in the Marcellus Shale must be environmentally sensitive and safe. Were looking to him to make good on his word.

New York has the opportunity to show the nation how to change the narrative on frackingchoosing safe and healthy drinking water over poisoned wells, destroyed property values and devastated communities. We thank the State Legislature, particularly Assemblyman Robert Sweeney and Senator Antoine Thompson, for acting earlier this year to protect New York from fracking. Without their efforts, its unlikely that Governor Paterson would have issued this Executive Order. We urge Governor-elect Cuomo to continue the Executive Order under his administration and lead the way to protecting New York from the dangers of natural gas drilling.

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Paterson Vetoes Fracking Moratorium
December 11th, 2010

Gov. David Paterson has vetoed the hydrofracking moratorium bill saying it was well intentioned but would have put a moratorium on all new gas drilling in the state. Paterson had until Monday at midnight to act on the bill or it would have become law. Here is his statement on the veto:

This legislation, which was well intentioned, would have a serious impact on our State if signed into law. Enacting this legislation would put people out of work work that is permitted by the Department of Environmental Conservation and causes no demonstrated environmental harm, in order to effectuate a moratorium that is principally symbolic, Paterson said. Symbols can have great importance, but particularly in our current terrible economic straits, I cannot agree to put individuals out of work for a symbolic act.

I am sympathetic to the sponsors desire to protect the environment and public health, and I respect the concerns that produced this legislation but this legislation does not accomplish this purpose, since the activities at the heart of the moratorium are not currently taking place, and would not take place until well after the legislations proposed moratorium.

Advocates of the legislation insist it would not have prevented new drilling across the state.

Paterson also issued an executive order preventing new drilling in the Marcellus Shale until July 2011. Here is what he had to say about that:

We in government must always focus on protecting the well-being of those whom we represent and serve, but we also have an obligation to look to the future and protect the long-term interests for our State and its residents, Governor Paterson said. Therefore, I am proud to issue this Executive Order, which will guarantee that before any high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing is permitted, the Department of Environmental Conversation will complete its studies and certify that such operations are safe.

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Silver Weighs in on Zadroga
December 10th, 2010

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has issued a statement slamming U.S. Senate Republicans for blocking the Zadroga bill.

Silver Statement on U.S. Senate Republicans
Failure to Support 9/11 Heroes

“There are certain issues that come up in legislatures that are moral in nature, that are about what is right. The successful effort by Senate Republicans to derail the Zadroga bill was outrageous and totally immoral. The federal government has failed in its obligation to the thousands of surviving 9/11 victims. Yet another generation of Republican leaders is telling New York to drop dead.

As the Assemblyman from Lower Manhattan and having witnessed one of the airliners hitting the towers, I am terribly aware of the pain and suffering that resulted from the September 11 attack. This bill would help ensure that the brave rescue workers still trying to overcome 9/11-related illnesses have continued access to needed services. I live and work near Ground Zero. I can tell you first-hand that there are still thousands of people suffering.

Providing for their health and safety should not be a political decision. In the days and weeks following 9/11, the Bush Administration assured us that the air was safe. They were wrong. Now, Senate Republicans are abandoning the victims of the worst terrorist attack on American soil.”

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Greens Want Cuomo to Act on Ethics Before Budget
December 10th, 2010

Howie Hawkins, who ran on the Green Party for governor this year, is calling on Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo to get to work on ethics reform before he tends to the state budget. The release from Hawkins said that he wants Cuomo to act on ethics reform “before he releases his budget at the end of January.” A number of advocates, including former Mayor Ed Koch, told Gotham Gazette they think Cuomo must act on ethics reform this year but said they wanted him to make sure he got the right package before sending it to the legislature.

Blair Horner of NYPIRG said that former Gov. Eliot Spitzer rushed to get ethics reform through, “Look what happened with that,” said Horner, “It was a mess.”

“We need public campaign financing to end the pay-to-play culture that dominates the State Capitol as witnessed by the ongoing scandals with the state comptroller’s office and pension funds,” said Hawkins. “Now is the time to finally stop the sale of lawmakers to the highest bidder. And while we strongly support an independent Nonpartisan Redistricting Commission to end the partisan gerrymandering of legislative districts, we want that commission charged with drawing up multi-member districts to implementproportional representation, which is the electoral system in almost every democracy on this planet.”

The Green Party is feeling reinvigorated after reclaiming a ballot line thanks to the Green candidates Hawkins and Gloria Mattera receiving more than 50,00 votes in the general election. Here is the release from Hawkins:

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Will Paterson Sign the Fracking Moratorium? (Updated X2)
December 10th, 2010

Advocates for the moratorium on high power hydraulic fracturing publicly say that they are hopeful that Gov. David Paterson will sign their legislation. They estimate the deadline for him to sign the bill is this coming Monday by midnight. ***There is a lot of talk that Paterson could act on the bill today. ***

Paterson’s spokeswoman Jessica Bassett says that there will be no announcement regarding hydrofracking today.

Paterson has 10 days from when the bill was passed by both houses to sign a bill or it simply becomes law. Paterson is under pressure from the gas and drilling industry to veto the bill. Paterson has said that he isn’t sure signing the bill will be useful. Privately environmental activists say they don’t know what to expect out of Paterson because he has been unpredictable at best during his time in office and he has what they consider to be a poor record on the environment.

Paterson said in a radio interview yesterday that he does intend to make a decision on the bill–in other words he won’t simply let it slip by him–he intends to either sign or veto the bill.

Paterson’s office has yet to return calls for comment.

Assemblyman Bob Sweeney, who sponsored the fracking moratorium in the assembly, said that he hasn’t “heard from Paterson or his staff on what the governor’s thoughts are on the bill.” He said that Paterson typically takes the full 10 days before he acts on legislation. “There is nothing out the ordinary he said.” As for the pressure mounting on Paterson from sides for and against the bill Sweeney said, “I’m sure the governor is hearing from lots of people. The question is who is he listening.”

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Zadroga Delayed
December 9th, 2010

The so-called Zadroga bill to provide health care and compensation to 9/11 responders is the latest hostage in the battle over tax cuts, according to the office of Sen Kirstin Gillibrand, who has been pushing for the measure. A press release said Senate Republicans today have refused to vote on the bill until Congress extends the Bush era tax cuts.

President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans agreed to a deal extending the cuts earlier this week, but some Democrats and a few Republicans have balked at the agreement, saying it is too generous to the very rich and would enlarge the deficit.

Gillibrand’s statement said in part: “The idea that tax cuts for millionaires would derail this legislation is simply outrageous and offensive. The men and women who rushed to the burning towers and worked for hundreds of hours on the pile did not delay and the Senate should not have delayed either, certainly not to give tax breaks for millionaires. .

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De Blasio on Black Sending Her Kids to Public School
December 8th, 2010

More than a decade ago, incoming Schools Chancellor Cathie Black sent her kids to a boarding school in Connecticut.

When asked yesterday whether she would make the same decision now, Black wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know what we would be doing. I would love to look at all of the schools,” Black told the Daily News. “It’s about choice for parents.”

Her comments spurred this reaction from Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who has two children in public schools:

As a public school parent, I am disappointed that incoming schools chancellor Cathie Black doesnt know whether she would send her own children to our current public schools. There are certainly significant challenges facing our education system that I want to work with the incoming chancellor to address, most notably providing extra help to the over 100,000 students who are now failing math and english. But if Ms. Black hopes to gain the confidence and trust of public school parents she must at least believe that New York Citys schools are good enough for her children as well as ours.

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Bloomberg Lays Out National Job Plan
December 8th, 2010


Photo (cc) Edward Reed

Sounding awfully like a presidential candidate, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a six-point job growth plan in Brooklyn this morning, reiterating his call for innovation and large-scale immigration reform in Washington.

Although the three-term mayor has repeatedly denied he has sights on higher office, Bloomberg did not hesitate to take on the political sputtering of the nation’s capital.

“The current barriers standing in the way of innovation and job creation are much more political than economic,” Bloomberg said standing in front of a wall of windows with a crane-spotted skyline at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. “We need change, and whether the recent elections will be a cure for Americas economic problems - or just another symptom of our dysfunctional politics - remains to be seen.”

Tip-toeing around an all-out call for his own brand of leadership, Bloomberg contrasted his successes in the Big Apple to the perpetual stalemate in Washington (though he failed to point specifically at who’s to blame). He called the recent compromise on unemployment benefits and tax credits “encouraging,” but said similar agreements must be more frequent. He took aim at the stimulus package and the health care bill, saying they did not go far enough to promote “innovation.”

He warned the Obama adminsitration to “be very careful” to make sure the financial services bill, meant to prevent another mammoth recession, doesn’t hinder innovation.

The mayor said his adminsitration has developed innovative strategies to propel the city’s recovery at a faster rate than the nation’s. Among them, he said, are the city’s job training and placement centers. The mayor announced he would move to expand the program and open 10 more centers over the next year with the goal of placing 40,000 people in positions per year by 2012.

According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York City has an unemployment rate of 9.2 percent, while the country’s overall rate is 9.8 percent.

“Especially in these tough times, we need our leaders to inspire the whole country — not criticize half of it,” the mayor said.
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OTB Bailout Fails in Senate
December 7th, 2010

Gov. David Paterson’s bill to bailout New York City Off Track Betting has failed by a vote of 29-21. Now over 50 of the city’s OTB parlors will close. Ten senators were missing from the chamber–either excused or simply absent. Among the absent were Sens. Liz Krueger, Pedro Espada, Ruben Diaz, John DeFrancisco, Hugh Farley and Kevin Parker who was headed back from court. The Senate failed to vote on the bill during last week’s special session and returned this week primarily to deal with the OTB. The Assembly approved the legislation last week.

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Parker Cleared of Felony
December 7th, 2010

Sen. Kevin Parker was cleared of felony assault charge by a Brooklyn jury today but convicted of two misdemeanors. If he had been found guilty of a felony he would have automatically lost his senate seat.

Parker was convicted of two counts of criminal mischief relating to his alleged assault of a NY Post photographer who was taking pictures of Parker’s Flatbush home that was in foreclosure.

Parker rejected a plea deal earlier this year that would have seen him convicted of misdemeanor charges. Now Parker faces up to two years in jail when he is sentenced next year.

Parker is known for having a quick temper and was involved in a verbal and possible physical altercation with Sen. Diane Savino last year.

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More School Closings -- Part II
December 7th, 2010

The Department of Education has released its second group of proposed school phase-outs and closing,- essentially shutting an additional 14 schools. Along with the schools announced yesterday, the city plans to phase out or shut down 25 schools and not renew one charter school.

Today’s list includes several schools whose closing attracted heated opposition last academic year, including Jamaica, Paul Robeson and Christopher Columbus high schools. Those schools got a reprieve last year when the courts agreed that the city had violated the state law in the way it closed the schools.

Today’s announcement spares another 30 schools, which the Department of Education had also indicated as failing. The department’s press release said, “The work to turn them around must start now.”

That “turn around” list includes four schools on last year’s closing list: Choir Academy of Harlem, W.H Maxwell Career and Technical School, Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence, and Business, Computer Applications, and Entrepreneurship High School. The city cited signs of progress in these schools, including an A on the school profess report for the Choir School.

Interestingly, though, one school slated for a partial phase-out last year — Alfred E. Smith High School in the Bronx — is not on any of the current endangered lists. The city originally planned to house a controversial charter school at Smith but abandoned that idea after allegations of improprieties and concern about the charter’s program.

As with yesterday’s list, today is diverse. While it does not include any charter schools, it does include some new small schools as well as larger, more traditional schools. Many of the schools grappled with problems long plaguing the school system: difficult students, poor facilities and severe overcrowding.

Reaction and more on the individual schools after the jump.
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