Koch Says 2011 is Do or Die Year for Reform
December 6th, 2010

It has to get done this year or it wont get done,” former Mayor Ed Koch said of the ethics, budget and redistricting reforms his group NY Uprising supports. “The whole thing has to get done this year.”

It is expected that the greatest challenge to Koch’s push for redistricting and ethics reforms that include requiring legislators who are lawyers to reveal their clients will come from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

There have been a plethora of articles written about possible conflict between Silver and Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo over the ethics reforms Cuomo supports.

Koch had both harsh and kind words for Silver.

“At least one of the current Democratic leaders make $1 million a year from his firm. So what is it for? I know malpractice reform and anything the trial lawyers dont want never make it through the assembly,” Koch said referring to Silver but then his tone changed.

“Shelly is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. “My push for reform is not personal. I understand that people in power like to keep it. On redistricting Shelly said to me there are no other states that have independent redistricting like I am advocating for. I said there was and he told me to send him the information, so I did. He responded and said he will be introducing legislation that takes into account what other states have done. I dont know that means.,” Koch laughed, “but it seems he is coming my way.”

As for the new Republican Majority in the Senate Koch is taking a wait and see approach. Koch noted that a recent New York Times article said that the Republican Majority in the Senate could help Cuomo but he isn’t sure one way or another.It was gratifying to have every single Senate Republican sign my pledge– now they have to introduce the legislation.”

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