Vote Early and Often
December 6th, 2010

Even with discovery of some 195,000 lost votes in the city, means New York State apparently still had the lowest voter turnout in the country last month. In response Mayor Michael Bloomberg today urged the state to make it easier to cast a ballot here. Accompanied by several state legislators and representatives of citizens group, Bloomberg a issued a report proposing several changes in state voting law.

The proposals would allow early voting — common in much of the country; make it easier to register and allow people to register up to 10 days before an election, as opposed to the current 25; and let people fill out ballots at home. They also would make it easier to switch parties, a cause probably dear to the mayor’s heart since he has done it at least twice. In response to voter complaints about their paper ballots this year, the mayor also called for simplified ballot instructions.

To read the report, go here.

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