Bloomberg Mulls Over ATM Bill
December 20th, 2010

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is mulling over whether to sign a bill that would drastically increase fines for property owners with illegal sidewalk ATMs after small business owners expressed concern over the bill’s impact this afternoon.

According to a spokesperson, the mayor will take the next couple of days to consider the bill and announce his decision after Christmas.

“I dont want to be the Grinch that stole Christmas,” the mayor said today. “On the other hand the city has requirements, where one of the issues here is the ability to pass on the sidewalk.”

Up until this morning, the mayor was expected to sign the measure, which the council approved earlier this month. At today’s bill signing, small business owners reportedly said the legislation would limit access to cash for neighborhoods without banks and hurt small businesses.

Under the current version of the bill, fines could increase from $250 to $5,000. These ATMs are already illegal, but there is barely any enforcement or regulation of them, council officials said.

If the mayor vetoes the measure, Council Speaker Christine Quinn said the council would move to override it.

“This will give the power for them to be taken off the street,” said Quinn. “It actually gives the city the power and the tools to make this illegal behavior end. That’s a good thing.”

Here is the mayor’s statement this morning courtesy of the City Hall press office:

I have enormous respect for both Councilwoman Reyna and Fernando Mateo, who Ive known for a long time. Im not sure that Ive been convinced to go one way or another, but I will tell you I will take a few days to talk to some people. I had discussed this bill last week, and Im not so sure that I got as comprehensive a review, although Im not so sure that I didnt. There are two sides to everything. But I will take a few days to think about it. I dont want to be the Grinch that stole Christmas. On the other hand the City has requirements, where one of the issues here is the ability to pass on the sidewalk. These units tend to be right in the middle of the sidewalk, and there are plenty of people who dont like them the same way there are plenty of people that do like them. I am particularly concerned about jobs in this city, particularly with small businesses. This country does not have enough jobs. New York City has created a disproportionate share of the private sector jobs, yet we still have plenty of people who are unemployed. And some of the things we have to do dont encourage employment. In fact, they may be detrimental to employment, but the City needs to do to them regardless. So let me leave this, and I will probably by the beginning of next week after Christmas - not an accident - I will make a decision one way or another. But I wouldnt want either side to get their hopes up. I really am, at this point, torn in two different directions. Maybe we can negotiate something that better addresses the concerns. On the other hand, as I will say, that I have enormous respect for the Councilwoman and her judgment, as well as for Fernando. The other speakers, other than Joseph, I dont know.

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3 Responses to “Bloomberg Mulls Over ATM Bill”

  1. Abe Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Today our esteemed mayor has shown his fairness by listening to the other side of the story, and has given a few more days to rethink if signing such bill is fair to small business owners.

    What the reporters are not informing the people is that originally there was a proposal of allowing ATM machines outdoor under certain regulations which would permit only ATMs in compliance with this legislation. There wouldn’t be any graffity. There would be security cameras for the safety of the people. Finally, its inteference for pedestrians is substantially less then newsstands and outdoor cafes which are also allowed.

    Under the original proposed legislation (not the current one), there would be both, safety and income to small business owners to the satisfaction of the entire community.

  2. Real New Yorker Says:
    December 22nd, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Do these fascist nutjobs sit around all night looking for new things to ban? What will they ban next? I’m thinking 99 cent pizza. If we just made the residents of a random mental ward the city council, the results would not be much different.

  3. ATM Processing Says:
    February 18th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Hey, this is my first comment on your site. Ive been reading it for a while in my RSS reader but havent commented before. Anyways, thanks for the post.

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