Goldsmith's 15-Point Plan
January 10th, 2011

Courtney Gross continues to file from the City Council hearing on the city’s response to the Dec. 26 blizzard.

As promised, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith revealed a 15-point plan to ensure the city has a better response to major snowstorms.

As part of the plan, the city will equip every sanitation truck with a GPS system and a two-way radio. The city also will amend the process it uses to declare a snow emergency. As part of that promise, Goldsmith told the City Council this afternoon that specific protocols will be outlined for stakeholder agencies during a snow emergency.

A revised emergency plan would provide more options for New Yorkers, Goldsmith said. Currently, a snow emergency requires residents to move cars off certain narrow streets and to have chains or snow tires if they decide to drive during the storm. Under the revision, additional options will be made public before any major storm, including, Goldsmith said, one option simply banning residents from moving their cars .

On Boxing Day, some New Yorkers did not heed warnings not to drive and ended up stuck in unplowed streets, which created even more problems for the city.

Goldsmith’s plan also would revise plowing definitions so the city would be required to report on progress as it happens. The city would deploy some of its SCOUT teams in four-wheel drive vehicles to trouble spots. The city also will designate an on-call person in each agency to help deploy city equipment more efficiently and will conduct a survey of what city employees can be called out during an emergency.

The administration plans to appoint a central coordinator to improve tow truck deployment and target private contractors earlier to help with snow clearing.

The city will also create a new Web site for winter weather advisories. For emergency communications, Goldsmith said the 911 system would create “escalation protocols” to target certain areas where officials expect problems.

Goldsmith also said the full implementation of the city’s new emergency communications system — which we cover here today — will create a better response.

More to come.

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